The Importance of Adequate Eye Protection in the Field of Radiology

Medical professionals working in the field of radiology offer their patients incredibly valuable services. Unfortunately, those working within this field are often placed at risk of developing some fairly serious conditions themselves if they are not provided with adequate safety equipment. The premium radiation glasses offered by Kemper Medical provide an excellent protection from the irreversible eye damage caused by low doses of radiation.

Conditions Caused by Low Doses of Radiation

There are many eye conditions that can be caused by repeated exposure to low dose radiation. While a patient heading in for an x-ray on a one-time basis generally doesn’t need to worry about the cumulative effects of repeat exposure, the techs who run the machines run the risk of developing radiation-induced cataracts. That’s why any medical professional working in radiology, cath labs, surgery suites, and other areas where they will routinely be exposed to radiation through x-rays, fluoroscope machines, or C-arms need to protect their eyes.

Cell Death and Abnormal Reproduction

The primary difference between radiation-induced cataracts and naturally occurring cataracts is that radiation-induced cataracts form in the posterior area of the eye’s lens. This cell damage often consists of both cell death and abnormal reproduction, which can result in dangerous mutations.

Cumulative Effects

The effects of radiation damage are cumulative. That means even if no acute damage is noted early on in an x-ray tech’s career, he or she may still suffer from substantial health problems later in life. The cumulative damage to the eye’s conjunctiva, sclera, iris, and blood vessels is easily avoided, though, through the consistent use of protective eyewear.

Lead Lenses

Protective eyewear that meets safety standards must contain 0.75mm lead equivalency in the lenses. Side protection in the form of .50mm Pb Eq frames can also provide substantial benefits. Thankfully, today’s lightweight lenses and frames are comfortable enough to wear all day, providing on-going protection for lab techs and other medical professionals working in radiology.

A Reliable Provider

Given how important protective eyewear and protective gear in general are, it’s essential to purchase this gear from certified and trustworthy providers. Kemper Medical is a company with a reputation for excellence. Medical professionals can trust them for all of their supply needs.


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